01. How to protest
02. What you as a non-black person can do to support

Educate Yourself

Don’t just go by what you heard your friend say, what you maybe saw on Twitter or television. Look up the movement and read about it, and why it was created. It’s extremely important to at least know about something if you intend to support it.

Recognize your Privilege

No you don’t necessarily need to be white for this one. This privilege does not mean you don’t face problems including racism it just means that the chances of you literally getting MURDERED based on your complexion are less.

Use Your Voice

Help raise awareness by talking about this issue and use your platforms no matter their size to speak up! For example, tweet using the hashtags [#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd] and help get them trending, share posts about it on your ig story, etc, silence is violence too.

Sign Petitions

Please sign petitions, it won’t take more than a minute out of your day and it can help make a real change, it’s absolutely free, easy and quick, here are some you can sign:


If you can please donate some money, it doesn’t matter how much everything from one single cent to one thousand dollars helps. You can donate privately on our website and the funds will be allocated to relieve the Floyd family for example, funds will go to George Floyd’s funeral expenses.

Please at the very least share this website and info with your network if you can’t donate.

Get Involved

Really don’t just make it another twitter trending topic you saw today, get informed and really support the movement but not just for today, forever, stand with black people but really do not just say you do when you do stuff like throwing around the n-word “jokingly.” If you’re not black you can’t say it that’s it, even the slightest thing you think does not matter is violence.

Don’t forget to know your place! If you are not black it’s alright to speak about activism but be mindful to make sure you are not speaking louder or silencing black people in spaces because this is a problem that affects their community directly. Also, if it’s possible, stand up to your sister’s racist boyfriend or your grandfather or whoever. There are no excuses for racism, I don’t care if they’re from a different time.